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18 years of experience as a civil engineer

Author of the Canadian Standard for helical piles. His area of expertise.


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Responding to your needs around the world.

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A confident choice for all your engineering needs involving helical pile foundations.

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1Always # 1.
For all your needs in foundation engineering, Pascal Marceau and his team will always deliver unparalleled service.

Globetrotting Engineer

2Pascal Marceau frequently travels to many foreign lands to supervise and assist in the construction industry. He participates in symposiums, speaks at conferences and supports TMP installers around the globe.

Helical pile foundations

3A world renowned expert in the field of helical pile foundations, Pascal Marceau’s work  has allowed  TMP to become the first company in Canada to be accredited by the CCMC.

Working man

4Starting his career with TMP, he installed hundreds of helical piles. He also participated in the development of the specialized machinery and its evolution.